The best Tours, Activities and excursions in Bogota

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Bogota Tourism - The best tours, activities and excursions in Bogota, Colombia

City Tour Cartagena.

Take the best Cartagena City Tour. Visit La Popa, San Felipe Castle the Gold Museum and more.

Price from $60 USD per person. Departing every day.


Cartagena Totumo Mud Volcano Tour

A natural atraction 20 mts high, full of warm and thick mud; where is impossible to sink.

Price from $60 USD per person. Departing every day.

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Cartagena Mangroves Tour

An exotic tour where you can get close to the nature and enjoy its beauty.

Price from $50 USD per person. Departing every day.

Cartagena City Bike Tour

A different view of the city, come and enjoy this remarkable ride around this magical city.

Price from $30 USD per person. Departing every day.

Tour a Laguna de Guatavita y la Catedral de Sal de Zipaquirá
The Real Colombian Tour

A very good tour designed by the best Colombian tourist companies and run together so we can offer you the best product.

Excursion to Tayrona National Park                                     

Weekend getaway. Tayrona natural national has one of the largets biodiversity in marine species of flora and fauna, will be an unforgettable experience.

Price from $500 USD per person. Departing every Friday.              



Excursion to the Rosario Islands                                   

Tour to explore the magic color of the sea and the incredible beaches just 50 minutes away from Cartagena.

Price from $80 USD USD. Departing every day.




Turismo en Bogotá - Los mejores tours, actividades y excursiones

Kayak in Cartagena

Experience an incredible adventure out of the city touring an ecoroute surrounded by the most beautiful landscape.

Price from $50 USD per person. Departing every day.

Visit to the Cartagena Botanical Garden

An expedition to the botanical garden is a wonderful opportunity to know part of the Colombian flora.

Price from $55 USD per person. Departing every day.

Learn Spanish in Cartagena

Study Spanish and get to know Cartagena.

Price from 200 USD per person per week. the longer you study the less you pay. Starting every Monday.

Cooking class in Cartagena

Learn in a class and enjoy of the delicious taste of the Caribbean cuisine of Colombia.

Price from $25 USD


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